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Terms & Conditions

The Bittradelive investment platform is allowed to be used to Users that reside in countries and regions where this service is not in violation of local laws. Please read these Terms and Conditions (also referred here to as “Terms”, “Terms of service”) thoroughly and diligently before registering and / or using the Bittradelive investment platform (also referred here to as “Service”) available on the web under the url www.Bittradelive.club, operated by Bittradelive Ltd (also referred here to as “The Company”, “Us”, ”We”, or “Our”). Your access and use of our investment platform and the directly related services provided by Bittradelive Ltd is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these terms. These terms apply to all users, visitors and possible other category representatives who access or use our Service. By accessing and / or using the Service you agree that you have familiarized yourself with the current terms of service, and are to be bound by these terms while utilizing the Service. If you disagree with any part of the terms layed out in this document, you may not access the Bittradelive investment platform. The current Terms can be edited and changed at the initiative of the project managers. In this case, the changes take effect immediately after the revised Terms and Conditions are published on Bittradelive.club website. Claims contesting or negotiating the investment offer terms, the general terms for the platform or any offered partnership cooperation will not be explored, followed up on or accepted.


Bittradelive platform is available only to individuals aged 18 or more. By registering to our site user confirms that they ar of the appropriate age for using this site. Bittradelive reserves the right to suspend and eliminate an account without foregoing warning and without any option for subsequent recovery if we are presented with information that uncovers that a specific user is under the allowed age for site access. Access to certain areas of the investment website will be made available to registered users exclusively. The website and platform administration holds the right to suspend and eliminate an account without foregoing warning and without any option for subsequent recovery in case the participant attempts to harm the project (blackmail, hacking, slander, misinformation), does not comply with Bittradelive Terms and Conditions (e.g. opening multiple accounts).

Every Deposit is considered to be a private transaction between Bittradelive Ltd and the User. The User processes all financial transactions at their own risk. The size of each deposit is determined by the User alone, without any solicitation. The User can edit the compounding percentage for each deposit separately, under deposit settings. The accrual of interest is calculated and credited daily for all investments. The deposit is returned in its full amount after the specified investment duration noted in the page for opening the deposit. User Can open only one account on our platform. If you wish to open another account, please contact our support support@bittradelive.club. By opening a second account, you agree for the previous account to be closed.
By registering the User confirms that they ar of legal age. They also confirm that they have chosen to use the website at their own discretion, completely voluntarily and on their own initiative. When registering, the User must indicate only reliable and accurate information, and only use electronic wallets and funds that belong to them personally. Any consequences for login data disclosure are stemming from, and therefore the responsibility of the user and their activities. Keeping login and other sensitive data relating to Bittradelive undisclosed to any third parties is the responsibility of the User. It is recommended that Users do not share their login data with any third parties in order to minimize the risk of an account breach. The User undertakes to under no circumstance take actions that bring harm to the project, such as slandering the service, spreading misinformation about the platform, spamming and inappropriately communicating with our team or our community members, as well as any other taking any other actions that harm the growth of the project. The User undertakes to not make attempts to “game” or hack the system to gain an advantage not made available by the platform, e.g. looking for faults and trying to exploit payment system flaws, hacking the system to receive higher referral levels, adding fake referrals to your network. The User agrees to behave politely with our staff and support service and follow instructions given by our support with the goal of solving the potential issue swiftly and in a positive manner. The User agrees to always turn to the Bittradelive support staff for a solution before publicly declaring a problem or fault with the platform. The User agrees to not needlessly spam our community chatrooms or social media profiles. The User agrees to settle any disputes exclusively through direct negotiation with the Bittradelive team. The User has the right to open a single account on the Bittradelive Platform. A User of Bittradelive has the right use its investment offer, invest as much as they choose at their own discretion, and manage as many open deposits as they see fit. The User can stop the investment process at any moment at their own discretion. The User Has the Right to withdraw funds from their Bittradelive account without any processing fees at any moment in time that they see fit. All registered Users have the right to use or affiliate marketing programming, and use additional opportunities to earn money through helping the platform develop if these opportunities will be provided by the Bittradelive team. The User reserves the right contact support to receive any clarifications on questions relating to the investment process.
The Company assumes the obligation to provide its customers with uninterrupted access to the investment resource 24 hours a days, seven days a week, exception being technical and maintenance work to the platform. The Company assumes the obligation of providing active live support every work day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) from 9:00 to 17:00 UTC. The support team can be contacted via the contact form on the Bittradelive website or by writing to our telegram support chat. The Company assumes the obligation to accept deposits and manage them in accordance to the conditions set forth in these Terms. The Company undertakes reliably protecting the personal data of all users of the platform, applying state of the art methods for encrypting and protecting information. The Company undertakes developing and providing marketing materials that help our users popularize the Bittradelive platform and earn more by utilizing the affiliate career option. The Company has the right to delete any account without previous warning if account owner has broken any of the rules set forth in these Terms. The Company has the right to change the investment conditions, add payment systems, create and remove incentives for partners, and edit the Terms, publishing these changes on the Bittradelive website. The Company is not to be held responsible for any delay in payments that develops because of a fault by the payment system chosen by the User. The Company does not pay referral commissions for deposits that are made by reinvesting from the Bittradelive account balance of the referred user in question. The Company reserves the right to remove a referral from your network if there is a justified suspect of foul play or misuse of the offered program. The Company reserves the right to cancel a Users status of being an Official Representative, if the User is not following the rules set forth for Official Representatives.